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About Us 

Over the years, as the economy has grown, the need for advisory to the industry has also expanded, not only in terms of research, but also in terms of service offerings. A rapidly changing business environment demands more strategic management. As markets evolve and businesses become more complex, strategy consulting firms have to build value for their client partners by identifying high growth opportunities, addressing their challenges, bringing about a business transformation and helping them grow profitably. Delivering this kind of value requires a broad range of talent and capabilities. We at Atticus Advisors,

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Let's Hear What Clients Say

  • Social and cosmetics blog

    The business advice by the team, under their senior consultants has been critical as well as useful. Really looking forward to implementing their recommendations

  • Leading B- School in India

    The training provided in Equity modeling was a certain competitive edge to the students, looking forward to more such opportunities for training and partnerships.

  • ST Enterprise

    Ideal consultant to resolve my technology related challenges. The ISO work was particularly swift and conveniently priced

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